Topics for adults

• Self-Esteem and Self-Love
• Communication and Positive Thinking
• The Champion´s Mind
• Healing my family tree: Transgenerational
• Happiness workshop
• Managing and expression of emotions
• Proactivity


Topics for children

• Self-Esteem and Self-Love for children aged 8 to 12
• Beyond soccer (values, teamwork, communication,
discipline …)
• Importance and expression of emotions
• Communication and positive thinking



More services

Biodecodification Therapy

Accompany the person to find the hidden emotion that has caused the conflict or disease, then become conscious of this so that healing can occur.

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Personal Coaching

Accompany the person to get the best version of themselves, in order to achieve a specific goal and thus facilitate and contribute to the achievement of their goals and changes. It is a lifestyle and an essential tool for change and success.

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Therapeutic coaching

Accompany the consultant holistically to heal the past and limiting beliefs, so that they can easily achieve the goals that are proposed and the changes that are desired.

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Sports coaching

Accompany the athlete or team in their self-knowledge, motivation, professional development, to identify their skills, strengths and weaknesses, to make the best of their sporting potential while focusing on victory and learning from defeat.

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Personalized counseling to find a job

Consultancy to find job in a short period of time:

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